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ABC's Policies, Procedures & Fee Schedule

At ABC's Bounce Houses LLC, we do require a minimum non refundable Retainer of $25.00+ (depending on the rental total) on all orders to secure the date for party rentals. The reservation is NOT secured until a Retainer payment is placed. The Retainer gets deducted off of the total and the remaining balance is due at the time of delivery.

Currently we accept cash or card as an acceptable form of payment. Business and Corporate accounts may pay with a check.  

In the event the rental is cancelled the retainer payment is non refundable.  We do offer a rain check on the deposit good to use in 6 months time of original booking date as long as the reservation is cancelled prior to 72 hours before the rental scheduled date.  In the event of bad weather and you wish to move your party date to another day, we do allow that as long as the requested inflatable is available for the new date.  Desired Inflatables may not always be available when switching dates at a short notice.

We do require a credit card to be held on file during the reservation process for all rentals. In the event of any damages made to the rental equipment, the card on file will automatically be charged for all damages.  

We typically reach out via text one or two days prior to your party date for an anticipated window of time for delivery. In some cases we will deliver the day before if it is okay with the client at no extra charge. An Adult must be present with a valid form of Identification for acceptance of the rental equipment and to also sign the rental agreement contract. The remaining payment is also due at delivery. Regardless of times and dates on the contract, the client is responsible for all rental equipment from the time we deliver to the time we pick up.
Every weekend we run a tight schedule so we can service and accommodate as many clients as possible. If we arrive to your party location at the agreed delivery time frame and you are not there or unavailable (Examples: You are in the shower, at the store 15 minutes away, sleeping, etc.) and you want us to wait, you will be charged $1.00 a minute for wait time. In some cases we may not be able to wait and will have to move on and continue with our pre-planned route and schedule. Your reservation, retainer or payment is then forfeited. Please locate power, water sources and a water hose for wet inflatables prior to our arrival. I can not stress this enough, Please be ready for your delivery. If we are running late due to unexpected traffic or unforeseeable situations at the delivery prior, we will contact you to make you aware and provide you with an updated delivery time. We do try our very best to have everything delivered and set up for every client before their party start time. This is why it is so important for you to be ready for us when we arrive.

Most clients in our area (Fort Myers, Lehigh Acres, Cape Coral etc.) have well water as their main water source. The water MUST be ran through a water treatment system (Softer, RO Systems) or City Water for the duration of the water inflatable rental. Untreated Direct well water can cause staining to the inflatable and a $100.00 cleaning fee will be incurred. If this happens, PLEASE do not try to fix the problem yourself. Some cleaning products such as bleach will damage the vinyl permanently. We have certain chemicals to remove the stains without causing further damage. In some cases, water stains have left permanent staining. ABC's Bounce Houses LLC reserves the right to not provide service to you if you do not have city water, water treatment systems (softener or RO system) or you refuse to hook up to your water treatment system for the duration of the rental.

The Customer is responsible for locating all underground utilities including sprinkler pipes, water, power, electric or gas lines prior to the delivery day. If a pipe gets damaged due to the anchoring of the inflatable, Customer assumes all responsibility for damages. We do offer sandbags as an additional option but a separate fee may be associated. Please inquire for more details.

If the weather is predicted to be severe, ABC's Bounce Houses LLC reserves the right to cancel your reservation at any time. In some cases we were able to deliver later in the day when the weather cleared up. If you accept the delivery, we do not offer any discounts or refunds due to the weather. All sales are final. If you have the inflatable in your possession and the weather takes a turn for the worse, we reserve the right to pick up the inflatable at any time to prevent possible damages. If the Inflatable gets damaged because it was not turned off in winds over 15mph, Customer is responsible for repair costs plus business lost. If the Inflatable is considered a 'Total Loss' due to damages, the Customer is responsible for full replacement cost of Inflatable plus business lost on inflatable party rentals.

The customer assumes all responsibility for damages caused by but not limited to silly string, tissue paper, piƱata paper, confetti, balloons, colored streamers, face paints, party poppers or dyed colored eggs. All of these products can stain the vinyl on the inflatable. Your card on file will automatically be charged a minimum of $100.00 cleaning fee if the damage is not permanent. If the damage is permanent the amount will be determined at that time. Additionally, sharp objects, metal buttons, food, drinks, candy, gum, jewelry and shoes must not be worn or used in the inflatables. Cleaning supplies MUST NOT EVER be used on the inflatables without permission to do so. Cleaning products such as bleach, chlorine etc. will cause permanent damage to the inflatable.

When making a reservation for a 'Dry' Inflatable, should there be any water that is not weather related on the inflatable during pick up, your card on file will automatically be charged a $75.00 drying fee. This includes sprinkler systems. Please be sure to unplug your sprinkler system for the duration of your rental. In some cases the same inflatable gets rented both Saturday and Sunday of the same week. We have to work extra hard to have it dried for the next day rental which is why the fee is associated.
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